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--- The following Copyright Policy in the English language is the official copyright policy. Alternatively, you can also read a community-based translation of the copyright policy into Spanish. Note that only the English version is official and applies to this website. ---

Website Copyright

You are free to use any of the songs on this website, according to their original license. We only reserve copyright for the website itself (the text, layout, html code, scripts, etc.) and the database compilation (song metadata). You are free to use any individual song metadata, but do not copy more than 5 of the song titles, descriptions on other metadata in your works without asking for our permission first.

Copyright Disclaimer

We have done our best to identify and explain where needed the license for each individual song and for other items (such as pictures and descriptions) featured on this website, but we offer no guarantee of correctness. It is up to you to determine the final copyright status of an item on this website.

Takedown Requests

We have done extensive research for each of the pictures and songs used on our channel. To the best of our knowledge, the copyright licenses of the pictures and songs allow for their use in these circumstances. If we have made a mistake, and that is not the case, please contact us and we will take immediate measures.

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